Issue 88

'The Fight for Workers' Rights' focuses on employment and employment rights as we get a handle on what needs to be done to resist this Tory government. Issue 88 has 16 articles, a poem, Vladimir McTavish's 'Kick up the Tabloids, a book review on blacklisting and a commentary "Dogs Days and Dog eats Dog'.

Dogs Days and Dog Eats Dog

The deregulation of the labour market is ramping up levels of exploitation.

A Poem

Well frieends, what a hellavah state, Scots Labour done disintegrate!


Letters on 'Green Power'. acknowledging a typographical error and 'Neo-liberalism'.

Genie is out of the bottle

Pat Rafferty argues for the devolution of employment law, and to lead by example.

Beating zero hours in fast food

Mike Treen provides an anatomy of how Unite took on fast food companies over zero hours and won

A job of work to do

Kirsteen Fraser says the SNP Trade Union Group has big challenges to rise to.

Preparing the ground for the fightback

Paul Nowak lays out five ways the TUC is getting ready to do battle.

Fighting for the right to party

Dave Watson sees some opportunity amidst the gloom in Scottish Labour.

Blue tries to strike the red

... and the green and the black. Gregor Gall says there are ways around the Tories’ new anti-union laws.

Strategic union leverage

.. a real not imaginary silver bullet. Sharon Graham shares Unite’s experience in waging war against employers.

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