Issue 87: DIS United Kingdom

The General Election result will lead to dark days ahead. Get ready for bigger and faster cuts, bigger and faster wealth redistribution from the poor to the rich and so on.

Dark, difficult days ahead

We are entering a period of dark, dark days. There will be storms ahead ... no doubt of that.

Scotland at a train station of choice

Chris Stephens argues Labour’s train wreck was a long time coming but out of it can come hope

Producing a Progressive Alliance

The SNP can be a central force in forming an anti-Tory alliance

Stopping the fallen idol falling further

Only returning to its past can Labour reclaim the future

The road back to radicalism

Calls for democratic reforms to return Labour to its radical roots

Reflecting on Westminster 2015

Hope amidst the calamity of Tory rule?

Organise against Tory austerity now

Need for an enlarged anti-austerity political party

Support our working class majority

The left must be the SNP’s sternest critic

Rekindling the roots of radicalism

There is a space opening up for the radical left

No sword of Damocles over England’s head

Down south, we were not all afraid of the SNP doing well

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