Issue 89

Jeremy Corbyn has transformed the landscape of political debate and he is doing the right thing when thousands attend his rallies and Blair berates him for all sorts of so-called fantasy politics. The latest edition has 23 articles, editorial comment, a thanks to Henry McCubbin, book reviews and comment from Vladimir McTavish.


Corbyn's win means the SNP no longer can argue it needs to dominate in Holyrood to protect Scotland from the Tories.

Remembering Jimmy Reid and his Legacy

Shop Stewards never called for supporting strike action but asked for solidarity and financial support, which came globally.

Thanking Henry McCubbin

A big thank you to Henry McCubbin, longstanding member of our Editorial Committee!

Book Review: Anent Hamish Henderson

Anent Hamish Henderson: essays, poems, interviews, Eberhart Bort (ed.), Grace-note Publications

Book Review: Future History

Stuart McHardy's Scotland's Future History, Luath, 9781910021415, £7.99


After the Edinburgh Festival, my life is returning to something approaching normality.