Issue 81: European Elections

What do the Euro Elections mean for Scotland?


You would barely think there is an EU election barely two months away for all the profile it has. But ignoring Europe is a mistake.

Ending Europe’s economic war

Alexis Tsipras is the candidate of the European Left Party for the post of President of the European Commission, which will be elected by the European Parliament following the Elections in May. He outlines his platform.

Views of Europe

We asked four experts to consider six different questions about the European Union which should shape how Scotland votes in May. Here are the answers they gave.

It’s Greens versus UKIP

There is likely to be one seat up for grabs in the Euro elections in Scotland and Gary Dunion argues that it’s between teh Scottish Greens and UKIP. And the Scottish Greens are currently only one point behind in the polls.

It isn’t obvious

This April’s STUC Congress will inevitably be dominated by the approaching independence referendum. Grahame Smith makes clear that the STUC will not adopt sides but look for answers on the best future for Scotland.

A real chance for workers

John Duffy looks at the Reid Foundation paper on industrial democracy he co-authored and sees a genuine hope for real industrial democracy - but that the only chance it will happen is with independence.

The university challenge

Scotland’s universities have policy-making almost completely devolved to Scotland but they remain part of a UK-wide system. Mary Senior considers what they mean to the independence debate - and Scotland afterwards.

Hidden crowns

Jim and Margaret Cuthbert argue that at the moment neither side in the independence debate is willing to tell us exactly what powers our undemocratic Monarchy would have. This simply isn’t good enough.


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