Issue 82: It Really Can Be Better Than This

In this issue, we look at what a Common Weal Scotland might look like. We recognise recent significant losses on the left in Scotland, and hear from Neil Findlay MSP about why he thinks Labour's devolution proposal is what Scotland needs. Jackson Cullinane furthers the debate in responding to a Reid Foundation report on industrial democracy, and Gerry Mooney gives us insight into why independence is our real chance for change.

The Case for Mini-publics

Prof Stephen Elstub, UWS lecturer in Politics, discusses the advantages of mini-publics in building a Scottish participative democracy.

Reclaiming Local Democracy

Prof Paddy Bort, Edinburgh University lecturer in Politics, analyses the problems of Scotland's 'local' democracy and argues that it must be reclaimed as genuine community-based democracy.

Children’s Rights, Social Justice and Participation

The rights of children and young people are inalienable – they cannot be taken or wished away. A new politics in Scotland should lead to the full incorporation of The United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child – the most ratified human rights treaty in the world – that addresses a holistic range of...

Universality vs Selectivity

Paul Spicker, Professor of Public Policy at RGU, looks at the benefits of universalism over selectivity as two distinct approaches to public services

The Case for Democratic Public Ownership

Andy Cumbers, Professor of Economic Geography at Glasgow University, makes the case for democratic public ownership as distinct from top-down state ownership and private ownership.

Making Welfare about Social Security

Willie Sullivan, Director of the Electoral Reform Society Scotland, looks at the principles behind a progressive approach to welfare in Scotland.

The Case for a Citizen’s Income

Annie Miller, chair of the Citizens Income Trust, makes the case for a citizen's income in Scotland.

Good Housing for a Good Life

Sarah Glynn, housing expert at UWS, outlines how we can achieve affordable social housing for all.

The Common Weal in the Built Environment

Malcolm Fraser, Edinburgh based architect, explains how we can plan our towns to make them healthy and happy places to live in.

An Industrial Policy for Scotland

Mike Danson, Professor of Enterprise Policy at Heriot-Watt University, looks at how Scotland can build an economy that puts all of us first through an industrial policy for Scotland.

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