Issue 84 The Genie is out of the bottle!

Scottish politics are in flux as people and parties respond to the ramifications of the referendum result. This Edition provides analysis and offers articles on other topical issues including holding the establishment to account, human rights and fracking. .


Comment from the Editor about the continuing state of political flux.

A Poem

To Lord Smith of Kelvin from Thom Cross


Letters and Responses

Raising the socialist standard

Neil Findlay on his socialist challenge to lead Scottish Labour. Katy Clark explains her decision to stand for deputy leader.

Debating the means to the end

Tommy Sheridan outlines strategies for the pro-independence radical left

Profound & permanent change needed

Tommy Sheppard outlines how and why the tectonics plates of Scottish politics must be kept moving.

Women seeking a state of independence

Kathleen Caskie on the continuing evolution of Women for Independence

Submission to the Smith Commission

The STUC has made a wide-ranging submission which does not advocate full ‘devo-max’

Toto, this ain’t Kansas anymore

Lynn Henderson on chasing a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

Scottish independence and EU (re-)admission

Peter Lomas argues EU membership might be less problematic for a new Scottish state than previously thought

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