Issue 86: Opportunity Knocks

In advance of the STUC Annual Congress and May General Election, Issue 86 offers 18 articles demonstrating our broad pluralism. As ever, contributors seek to be informative, provocative and constructive.

Comment: Issue 86

Gregor Gall sets out why Scotland is on an ideological journey, but we are nearly half way to where?

Vote left – vote Labour

Kenny Selbie argues Labour can make the difference that is needed

Ending Tweedledee and Tweedledum

Tommy Sheppard calls for strategic socialist support for the SNP

Adding red to the green

Patrick Harvie MSP shows Green policies tackle much more than environmental degradation

Aiming 2 B Scotland’s socialist party

Sandra Webster writes of a rejuvenated SSP planning to put socialism back on the agenda

Laying down a socialist challenge

Brian Smith argues only total opposition to austerity and neo-liberalism will do

No More Guy Fawkes

Peter Lomas makes the case for radical withdrawal from UK plc

Working to economic progress for women

Angela O’Hagan and Morag Gillespie show how to tackle women’s poverty and marginalisation

A tale of two countries?

Malcolm Harvey explains why the political and constitutional unravelling will continue

Rights, Responsibilities lead to progress and …

Terri Smith argues that the referendum has helped positively engage young people with politics

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