Issue 98

Issue 98 focuses on the role of trade unions offering a mix of comment, articles and reviews. It is now available to read online for free but please consider becoming a paying subscriber to help sustain the magazine. Just click on 'join us' above.

Class wars either side of pond

There is a class war going on, which means a huge fall in our wages.

Brexit and bills of rights

Grahame Smith lays out the ramifications of a hard Brexit.

Challenging the cuts consensus

Mike Kirby lays out what the problems are, and how they should be tackled.

A charter in construction

Pat Rafferty shows how bad employers can be dealt with.

Classroom battles coming

Larry Flanagan says teachers have lessons for the Scottish Government.

Deep organising can rebuild power

Lynn Henderson says renewal out of adversity is possible.

Ending neo-liberalism

John Brown says the post and telecom regulator is doing the market’s bidding.

Austerity, Brexit & centralisation in HE

Mary Senior says there a perfect storm coming the way of universities.

Fighting flames of austerity

Denise Christie ask what price is being put upon life.

We can’t just play along

Caroline Sewell explains why being a musician is a perilous undertaking.