Issue 96: We are against gender based violence!

This Edition includes a number of articles to mark the UN's 16 Days of Action Campaign Against Gender Based Violence which runs from 25th November - 10th December. Events will be taking place across Scotland to raise awareness of the urgency of addressing this pernicious problem.

Back to future & forward to past

The Editor sets out why Jeremy Corbyn is the Labour leader that many on the left have been wanting - and waiting for.

16 days against gender-based violence

Carole Ewart outlines the rationale of the on-theme articles

Equal protection from assault

Claire Simpson ponders eradicating gender violence while teaching children sometimes violence is okay.

Spend now and save later

Angela O’Hagan says gender analysis of spending decisions supports policy objectives.

Acknowledging workplace violence

Lilian Macer says employers must establish safe work systems.

Women’s aid movement: are we finished yet?

Marsha Scott on a movement to rid Scotland of gender-based abuse.

Gender and the local elections

Alison Dickie urges local government on gender equality in schools.

Gender and the local elections

Lesley Brennan on what feminist economics can do in Dundee.

‘I, Daniel Blake’ – Ken Loach interview

The director explains the rationale behind the film

Socialism in a warming climate

Stephen Low charts a way back for Scottish Labour.

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