Issue 92 Scotland on the Cusp

After the morning of 6th May 2016 we are likely to wake up to a large SNP majority government and reduced voter turnout compared to the referendum. How will the SNP fare as a majority government, with new powers and with an established leader who is well practiced in the art of radical sounding rhetoric outdoing practical performance?

Waiting 4 great leap forward

All the parties have manifestos to win seats at Holyrood.

From MA to BA

Graeme Arnott argues the middle class is now after what used to be working class in its search for employment opportunities

Argument built on sand

Derek Torrie says not renewing Trident will indeed cost thousands of jobs

Flawed process 2 damaging deal

Jim Cuthbert argues the SNP has failed to gain a ‘no detriment’ deal

Socialist economic thinking

Standing back from party politics, Andrew Cumbers asks what should the economy look like?

Fair Tax Policy

Gordon Morgan argues tax policy divisions are growing

Quality jobs + social justice =

Dave Moxham argues that quality employment and redistribution drive a better, more equal economy

Exit Stage Left

Vince Mills puts the socialist case for leaving the EU

Socialist case against leaving

Hugh Cullen says populist xenophobia, nationalism & heightened neo-liberalism will win if we leave the EU.

iRobot more important than iScotland?

Jim Sillars says the big questions are not even being asked, let alone answered, in Scotland.

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