Issue 93: Scottish Parliament Elections 2016

The tectonic plates of Scottish politics have moved again. But the third part of the tartan trilogy did not end as was expected. This packed issue offers 19 articles and comment plus Vladimir McTavish.

Comment – All change & all stay the same

The Holyrood election was a boring campaign by and large, turnout was down compared to the referendum 85% vs 56%.


Feedback on Trident from article in Issue 92 and update on TU response to the EU referendum.

Predictable surprise?

Malcolm Harvey surveys the victors and vanquished

School report – progress possible

Larry Flanagan argues education can improve with funding and the right policies

Last fantasy election?

Jim Cuthbert says we’re sleepwalking into big financial trouble

Patient at continuing risk

Lilian Macer assesses the health of our NHS

Neither Holyrood nor Westminster but …

Gordon Munro argues local government independence is wilting

Back to banning bombs

Making demands in the new political landscape remains the priority says Veronika Tudhope

EU: better out than in

Ian Davidson says boldness is required to liberate ourselves

‘Fixit’: the lesser of two EU evils

Colin Fox outlines the tasks for left ‘remainers’

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