Issue 94: Shockwaves

The latest edition leads on analysing the economic, constitutional, political and social ramifications of the Brexit vote on 23 June. Contributors include academics, politicians and activists. There are also a host of other timely articles such as the named person scheme.

Comment: Plus ça change

One of the key battle lines in the debate over the EU has been the ‘market’ versus the ‘masses’.

Where next for a divided UK?

Michael Keating analyses the new political contours

Beware the Brexit bogey

Grahame Smith looks at the economic dangers

Brexit and Scotland’s public sector

Robert McMaster charts the political ramifications

45% + 62% =indyref2?

Tommy Sheppard says new political opportunities await

Confederacy of the British Isles

Bob Thomson argues for a just constitutional settlement

Brexit’s philistine threats

Peter Lomas says restricting migration will benefit capital

Pulling in different directions

Peter Lynch sketches the new political topography

Named Persons – making kids safer?

Iain Ferguson argues a bad situation will get worse

Unjustly treated – Named Persons

Brigid Daniel says there is utility to it