Issue 105

In the latest Issue, the Scottish Left Review celebrates and reflects on the British Trades Union Congress (TUC) on its 150th anniversary. Enjoy reading Issue 105 online but please consider supporting SLR by taking out a paying subscription, just click on the 'Join Us' button above.

The Editorial

SLR says workers’ solidarity of interest & action across borders fits the Scottish perspective. Let's define borders.

Changing the world of work for good

Frances O’Grady says the TUC is prepared to roll up its sleeves to fight for workers’ futures.

150 yrs of changing the world of work

Melanie Simms looks at the challenges for the TUC as it is 150 years young.

Time to rethink union organising

Jane Holgate reflects on strategy and tactics of organising in a changing labour market.

Historic purpose of the TUC

Despite rogue meanderings, Roger Seifert says the TUC has done what it says on its tin.

Limits of TUC support 4 industrial disputes

Ralph Darlington surveys the divergence of policy & practice in supporting striking workers.

Democracy & trade unionism @ the TUC

Jim Phillips argues relations within and across unions are more complex than usually recognised.

Labour need to talk about anti-Semitism?

Sarah Glynn looks at why the crisis in Labour has emerged.

Spain 0 – Scotland 1 (half-time score)

Peter Lomas continues our consideration of the Catalonian crisis.

Getting the best out of Brexit

Pauline Bryan argues for combining constitutional and social change for the post-2019 period.

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