Issue 103

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2018: here we go!

Richard Leonard's election as Scottish Labour leader benefits the left in the age of the hegemony of austerity and neo-liberalism.

Feedback: Immigration controls

Let's examine the political reason that is making immigration so important.

Beating a path to Bute House

Richard Leonard was elected leader of Scottish Labour in November 2017. We interviewed him in late December.

Haven’t we been here before?

Jim Sillars sounds caution over Corbynism and what this means for independence.

Scottish Labour & the ‘elephant in the room’

Bob Thomson argues Scottish Labour cannot assume Corbynism will solve the national question.

New leader, same old battles

Mick Cash says the RMT will continue to work with all progressive politicians whatever their party.

Democracy and democratic leadership

As current political culture overly emphasises leaders, Michael Keating looks at what constitutes political leadership.

Rebirth of social democracy?

Dave Sherry cautiously welcomes the phoenix rising from the ashes but there is still a sting in the tail.

End of the 4th Estate as we know it?

Having just moved from Glasgow to Liverpool, Paul Holleran reflects upon the Scottish media.

License to profit and plunder

Campbell Martin exposes the corruption in North Ayrshire over a PPP deal.