Issue 97 Reflecting on Revolution

This edition focuses on the centenary of the Russian revolution of 1917 and the forthcoming local elections in May. Please consider supporting SLR by taking out a paid subscription just, click on the 'Join Us' button above.

Red stars and dead Russians

The Editor, Gregor Gall, reflects on the October revolution in Russia which would spark revolutions around Europe, mostly obviously in Italy (1919-1920) and Germany (1918-1923).

What does revolution look like?

William Bonnar examines what happened in revolutionary Russia.

How the revolution unfolded

Dave Sherry looks at the achievements of the new order.

Did Neo-liberalism triumph?

Pat Kelly looks at the impact of the implosion of Soviet socialism.

Red October and Scotland

John Foster recounts the roots of Red Clydeside and the influence of the October revolution.

Gorki in Glasgow

Stephen Collins looks at how Russian social realism was adapted for Scotland

Putting politics back to people

Dave Watson says local democracy is under pressure from Tory austerity and Scottish Government centralisation.

For people’s local democracy

Phil McGarry outlines what progressive councils should be doing .

Make democracy local

Willie Sullivan considers what local democracy should look like.

Castro and Cuba

Colin Fox looks at the achievements and legacy of Castro.

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