Issue 91: Countdown to May Election

What happens on 5th May 2016 could prompt major changes in society. So we asked members of the progressive parties and organs of civil society what they’d like to see in the party manifestos. But we also know the election will not be the final matter. Hence, other articles cover wider politics in Britain, Europe and elsewhere.

2016 – same old struggle

The campaigns and manifestos of progressive parties must focus upon more than just stopping things getting worse.

Why not try something different?

Chris Stephens says Scottish Labour has the chance to shed its skin

Honesty goes a long way

Drew Smith says the SNP must drop the slogans and insert substance

Working together 4 radical outcomes

Green left activist, Anni Pues, offers positive suggestions to RISE

How red can the greens be?

Cat Boyd offers positive advice to the left of the Scottish Greens

Independence 4 women & workers

Sandra Mills outlines the policy positions of Women for Independence

FE/HE: under-loved & under-funded

Vonnie Sandlan says parties must address the crisis affecting students

Reaction to Sturgeon’s speech

Comment on Nicola Sturgeon's lecture on ‘Workers’ rights are human rights’

Corbyn: captain of all he surveys?

John McAllion foresees more stormy waters ahead

Hope in hard times?

Stephen Smellie sees the foundation for future requiring hard work

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