Issue 95: Dividing lines and decision times

The latest Issue examines the motivation and impact of political party organisations as well as social movements. Ideologies and slogans motivate and inspire people but to what effect - 'people powered politics’? Please consider supporting us by taking out a print subscription or making a donation. Click on the 'join us' button above.

The Editor

Gregor Gall, reflects on the impact of party membership being back in vogue


Maggie Chetty speaks out as a grassroots activist, keenly involved in the independence campaign over decades.

Better way for Scotland and Britain

Jeremy Corbyn lays out his wares

Why I want to be leader

Owen Smith sets out his pitch in response to our questions

Corbyn effect in Scotland

Liam Gleeson says Corbyn’s victory won’t be sufficient to help Scottish Labour

Workplace revolution promised by Labour?

Gregor Gall assesses the offers from Smith and Corbyn

From basic to advanced

Allan Grogan says Corbyn gives the opportunity to flesh out radical ideas

Designed to be depute?

Tommy Sheppard explains why should be elected SNP depute leader

Dying to be depute?

Chris McEleny explains why should be elected SNP depute leader

Left pews in broad kirk

Rory Steel explains what the SNP Socialist group is about

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