Issue 102

Issue 102 has 15 articles on issues including public sector pay and 'Barbour’s legacy and rediscovering Glasgow’s radical housing tradition', 7 book reviews and the regular feature 'Kick up the tabloids'. Please consider becoming a paying subscriber - click on the 'Join Us' button above.

Beginnings of a new dawn?

The election of Richard Leonard as Leader of the Scottish Labour Party benefits the whole of the left.

Chris Bartter, an appreciation

Chris’ untimely death robs us of a good man, a great socialist and internationalist and a dear friend.

Pay, people and power

Mark Serwotka gave the fifth Jimmy Reid annual lecture on 5 October 2017 in Glasgow. It was entitled ‘Pay, people and power: the progressive case for public services’. Here, we print part of the lecture on the fight for decent public sector pay.

Public sector pay rise is good for all

Mike Danson and Geoff Whittam say there is public good in pay rises for public sector workers.

A decent future for care workers

Stephen Smellie calls for government intervention to remedy an injustice.

Taking on the Tories’ Trade Union Act

Gregor Gall looks at the experience of how to beat the new thresholds.

Social democracy and socialism

Craig Lundie responds to the arguments of the last editorial on the SNP and social democracy.

SNP – insurgents or same old, same old?

Raymond Mennie argues the SNP is not all it’s cracked up to be.

SNP leadership: no friends of Palestine

Mark Brown says the SNP has let down its supporters by effectively supporting apartheid in Israel.

Clarity needed to reverse indy retreat

Hugh Cullen says the independence movement needs independence from the SNP.