Killing independence ‘stone dead’?

Publication of the ‘Sustainable Growth’ report has created an almighty right-left chasm within the independence movement.

Not ‘right v left’

Tommy Sheppard offers critical support to the Growth Commission report.

Somewhere to start

Carolyn Leckie says the report is like the curate’s egg, with good and bad parts, but can be built upon.

Of wars of position and manoeuvre

Jim Sillars calls for a nuanced form of engagement with the Growth Commission.

Transformation not ‘transition’

Colin Fox sees the SNP repeat the mistake of ‘new Labour’.

Capital investment for independence

George Kerevan argues investment and productivity are not taken seriously in the Wilson report.

Neo-liberalism’s end and our future

Maggie Chapman on the Greens’ role to ensure the independence debate opens up a radically different space in politics.

All to play for

Chris Stephens says it’s ‘game on’ to debate the way forward to independence.

Not even 1 step forward, 2 steps back

Cat Boyd cast a critical eye over the report, saying it’s a setback to the cause of independence.

Municipal socialism – the time is now

Dave Watson argues municipal socialism can do more than just help end austerity.