Putting politics back to people

Dave Watson says local democracy is under pressure from Tory austerity and Scottish Government centralisation.

For people’s local democracy

Phil McGarry outlines what progressive councils should be doing .

Make democracy local

Willie Sullivan considers what local democracy should look like.

Castro and Cuba

Colin Fox looks at the achievements and legacy of Castro.

Sanders, Clinton and Trump

Gerry Friedman surveys the wreckage and coming battles in the Disunited States of America.

Music lessons for the movement?

Martin Cloonan and John Williamson say the MU has faced conditions that other unions now do.

Progressive power of poetry

Mike Quille explains what the Culture Matter initiative is about.

Equal protection from assault

Claire Simpson ponders eradicating gender violence while teaching children sometimes violence is okay.

Spend now and save later

Angela O’Hagan says gender analysis of spending decisions supports policy objectives.

Acknowledging workplace violence

Lilian Macer says employers must establish safe work systems.