Dementia in the workplace

Louise Ritchie and Mike Danson suggest a number of helpful steps to combat the challenges.

Class interest and the ‘attainment gap’

Chris Holligan says neo-liberalism gives rise to the class differences and the ways governments respond.

Brexit and Scotland’s workers

Sarah Collins lays out a post-Brexit policy agenda.

Busting Lexit myths?

John Foster reviews the new pamphlet by Open Britain.

Spain v Catalonia: no final score yet

Colin Fox considers the continuing Catalonian crisis.

Haven’t we been here before?

Jim Sillars sounds caution over Corbynism and what this means for independence.

Scottish Labour & the ‘elephant in the room’

Bob Thomson argues Scottish Labour cannot assume Corbynism will solve the national question.

New leader, same old battles

Mick Cash says the RMT will continue to work with all progressive politicians whatever their party.

Democracy and democratic leadership

As current political culture overly emphasises leaders, Michael Keating looks at what constitutes political leadership.

Rebirth of social democracy?

Dave Sherry cautiously welcomes the phoenix rising from the ashes but there is still a sting in the tail.