End of the 4th Estate as we know it?

Having just moved from Glasgow to Liverpool, Paul Holleran reflects upon the Scottish media.

Measuring economic democracy

Andrew Cumbers introduces a new tool to advance debate and policy.

For a Workers’ Rights Bill

Chris Stephens outlines the rationale for his Bill.

The art of occupation

Gregor Gall analyses the BiFab occupation, showing the conditions under which the workers won.

The Misery of Universal Credit

Sandra Webster says it’s time for the left to organise against this injustice.

Addiction service cuts in England & Wales

Paul Harrold lays out the devastating impact of Tory austerity on the vulnerable.

Germany’s political establishment

Victor Grossman reports on the political machinations on rightward moving terrain.

Public sector pay rise is good for all

Mike Danson and Geoff Whittam say there is public good in pay rises for public sector workers.

A decent future for care workers

Stephen Smellie calls for government intervention to remedy an injustice.

Taking on the Tories’ Trade Union Act

Gregor Gall looks at the experience of how to beat the new thresholds.