For a people’s ScotRail

Stuart MacLeod sets out a plan for better rail transport in Scotland.

Grenfell & housing: profit before people

Dave Sherry says neo-liberalism is at the root of the housing safety disaster.

Firefighters demand justice over Grenfell

Denise Christie shows that the Grenfell disaster is part of a wider systemic failure.

Is strike action over?

Stephen Smellie argues unions have to be smart in the new circumstances.

The strong & unstable electorate

Malcolm Harvey surveys the wreckage, identifying the victors and the vanquished.

Warning shot given and received

Chris Stephens recounts his experience of the campaign.

Getting back in the socialist saddle

Lesley Brennan argues that Labour is now on its way back.

Many new flowers beginning to bloom

Clare Haughey sees hope emerging as a phoenix from the bonfire of political certainties.

The Corbyn connection

Lynn Henderson argues Corbyn has seized the zeitgeist and can do more.

Could the left have done better?

Helen Mcfarlane reflects on her near miss to be a left Labour MP on June 8.