SNP climbdown on indyref2

Colin Fox argues for a return to socialist struggles to lift up the fight for independence.

Independence still game changer

Carolyn Leckie argues for continued work on the cause of independence.

Our movement, our future

Maggie Chapman looks at the roots of the current political impasse.

No economic case for fracking in Scotland

Penny Cole says the maths only adds up for INEOS.

Progressive revolution in energy?

Michael O’Brien says we can act locally in order to act globally.

Post-carbon transition

Andy Cumbers says examples in Germany show the way forward.

Climate change and losing your pension

Why climate change might make you lose your pension.

Tectonic plates shifting again?

Pat Kelly outlines the primary contours and questions existing assumptions.

Not a terrible troika

Bob Fotheringham says the left can be discerning in its choices over the general election, Brexit and Scottish independence.

Economic fake news on Scottish economy

Andy Anderson uncovers some discomforting ‘truths’ in search of the truth