A tale of two cities

John McAllion contrasts the official story of Dundee’s renaissance with realities that won’t go away

A small struggle for democracy

The battle over Union Square shows just how far Aberdeen City has drifted away from democratic accountability - and it’s own radical past - argues John Aberdein

Convergence, impartiality, bias

Robert Beveridge raises serious concerns about the impartiality of broadcast news if content is produced by newspapers - and for the ability of news providers to upset the government of the day

Hiding our debts

Jim and Margaret Cuthbert show how much of the PFI debt has been hidden

Gassing the past

Ninety years after the British Government, gassed of civilians in Mesopotamia, Mark Hirst sheds light on this forgotten chapter of Britain’s imperialist past to highlight the hypocrisy of British foreign policy then and now

Why no Irish riots?

Donagh Brennan analyses the historical and contemporary reasons for the passive response of the Irish public to the savage public expenditure cuts

Action and reaction

Michael Keating shows that there are many possible outcomes after the General Election – and even more potential reactions

Juggling or balancing?

There may be assumptions about what a hung parliament would look like but Stephen Maxwell shows that in fact it might not be that striaghtforward

Game over, new players needed

Vince Mills argues that there is no real optimistic outcome for the left from the General Election so it is time to look to the next generation

Rebuilding collective prosperity

Dave Moxham looks at the agenda for the STUC Congress and shows that in a space between an economic collapse and the election of a new government the influence of the trade unions has never been more important