A steady flow of venality

An orchestrated campaign to privatise Scottish Water is underway, and as Tommy Kane and Kyle Mitchell show only those running it stand to benefit. Plans to privatise Scottish Water (SW) and remove it from public control have, yet again, intensified. This time, however, the purveyors of privatisation make their case in the...

Taking back our trains

Kevin Lindsay shows that both the social and economic case for the full renationalisation of the rail network stack up. But which political party will take a lead? David Cameron’s often-mentioned desire to strengthen his party’s relationship with Scotland will not have been helped by money-saving proposals to axe a number...

Edwin Morgan

As a tribute, here we reprint a presentation Edwin Morgan gave to a Scottish Left Review event at the Edinburgh Festival in 2002, entitled ‘Scottish Fiction’ I’ll begin by taking up some of the topics which the Scottish Left Review asked its three speakers to consider. I think ‘consider’ is the word, since in many...

Jimmy Reid

Tributes from Bob Thomson, Eileen Reid, Murray Ritchie, Elaine Smith, Derek Simpson, John Quigley “The golden age will then revive; each man shall be a brother, In harmony we all shall live and till the earth together, In virtue trained, enlightened youth shall move each fellow creature And time shall surely prove the...

Still waiting

John McAllion of the SSP and Gordon Morgan of Solidarity debate the path to bringing a fragmented Scottish left together - and hope for a ‘movement of movements’

Redemption song

Vince Mills sees no easy route to change in a Scottish Labour Party with a complacent leadership

It’s how you play the cards

Kevin Williamson argues that the SNP holds some aces – if it can play them properly

Out the comfort zone

Greens find it too easy to resort to opposition to policies which are harmful to the environment, argues Peter McColl. If they are going to make a breakthrough they are going to have to sell a more radical agenda.

Nowhere to go?

Gordon McKay argues that trade unions have no option but to stick with Labour

Splits that weaken

There is a very real possibility that any campaign against the cuts in Scotland will be undermined by a divided civic sector. New leadership is needed, argues Isobel Lindsay