Not falling for it this time

It’s time to shake off forty years of establishment manipulation says Andy Anderson

Root of this evil

Neil Davidson argues that it’s not money that got us into this mess - it was the myths we bought with it

Work isn’t working

Isobel Lindsay looks at how ‘work’ is now as much a part of the neoliberal ideology of control as it is about producing things

Why we fight

Alan McKinnon shows that the UK and US ‘defence’ policy is in fact a ‘projection of power’ policy with the primary purpose of defending the commercial interests of transnational companies

No such thing as failure

John Barker shows that the ideological ‘consultants’ who distort public policy are not only unaccountable, they appear to damage everything they touch

Buying it

Neoliberalism is a giant marketing ploy, and we’ve almost all swallowed it. Robin McAlpine argues that we need to face up to our complicity if we want to change it.

Fragments of truth

Mark Hirst argues that Lockerbie lies are vital to maintain the integrity of Scottish legal system - and shows that lies are indeed being told

Lessons for now

Bob Thomson looks at the legacy of the late Bill Spiers

Minimum isn’t enough

The Scottish Living Wage Campaign has been in existence for nearly two years and is now beginning to have a real impact. In this article Peter Kelly looks at what has been achieved and how the campaign can continue to grow even in recession.

The English postman

Tom Nairn discusses past, present and future of Anglo-British identity