Nowhere to go?

Gordon McKay argues that trade unions have no option but to stick with Labour

Splits that weaken

There is a very real possibility that any campaign against the cuts in Scotland will be undermined by a divided civic sector. New leadership is needed, argues Isobel Lindsay

Are bills of rights wrong?

Carole Ewart discusses the establishment of a human rights consortium in Scotland - and what that means in the context of a UK government hostile to the Human Rights Act

Continent drifting

Henry McCubbin looks at the implications for Europe of the Greek crisis - and what it means for a vision of a progressive European Union

City slickers

Gordon Morgan introduces this issue by taking a look at the political changes that might help ensure all our cities are properly governed

The empire in miniature

Neil Gray and Leigh French argue that the Glasgow scandals are exactly symptomatic of the politics of our era

Time to grow up

Peter McColl looks at the way Edinburgh City Council has been run and is dismayed at the absence of vision

A tale of two cities

John McAllion contrasts the official story of Dundee’s renaissance with realities that won’t go away

A small struggle for democracy

The battle over Union Square shows just how far Aberdeen City has drifted away from democratic accountability - and it’s own radical past - argues John Aberdein

Convergence, impartiality, bias

Robert Beveridge raises serious concerns about the impartiality of broadcast news if content is produced by newspapers - and for the ability of news providers to upset the government of the day