Buying it

Neoliberalism is a giant marketing ploy, and we’ve almost all swallowed it. Robin McAlpine argues that we need to face up to our complicity if we want to change it.

Fragments of truth

Mark Hirst argues that Lockerbie lies are vital to maintain the integrity of Scottish legal system - and shows that lies are indeed being told

Lessons for now

Bob Thomson looks at the legacy of the late Bill Spiers

Minimum isn’t enough

The Scottish Living Wage Campaign has been in existence for nearly two years and is now beginning to have a real impact. In this article Peter Kelly looks at what has been achieved and how the campaign can continue to grow even in recession.

The English postman

Tom Nairn discusses past, present and future of Anglo-British identity

Whores and virgins

Robin McAlpine looks at the political purpose of the redemption of bankers and demonisation of the public sector

It’s the rich who caused the pain

Joe Cox analyses the role that the super-rich have played in the economic crisis and argues for a High Pay Commission

Answering the queen

Mike Danson argues that we need to remember who failed to warn us of approaching financial meltdown and challenge the assumptions of conventional economics

Inconvenient truths for the neoliberals

Despite the rhetoric about the private sector being the only ‘wealth creators’ there is no evidential base for ‘crowding out’ argues Andy Cumbers

US swallowing their medicine

Why must the public sector pick up the private sector’s mess asks Dave Watson?