A leap of faith

Mike Small looks at the relationship between the collapse of our economy, political system and environment and questions the notion that a return to ‘normality’ is credible or desirable

A plan for climate change

Gordon Morgan examines the Climate Change Act recently passed by the Scottish Parliament -and wonders why it can’t quite give up on coal and gas

The good life 2.0

Davie Philip introduces The Village, a project that is a model for a sustainable future through building resilient communities

Creative fixes

Ginny Brink and Fiona Campbell argue for reviving broken communities with creativity

Cleverer, not bigger

Jan Bebbington explains how the Prosperity Without Growth? report shows just how damaging a growth-based economy is, but suggests that alternatives can work

The death of triangulation?

The decade-long attempt to position left-of-centre parties further into the centre ground has failed, as Henry McCubbin shows in the Euro election results

To know your place

In the month when the world comes to Scotland to sample arts from around the world, Donny O’Rourke looks at a book which talks about our art, here

Our fourth Afghan war

Bill Ramsay argues that the Coalition’s very presence in Afghanistan is the incubus for terrorism and this is enhanced by the tactics used.

Unifying the disaffected

Gregor Gall asks the newly formed New Anti-Capitalist Party what the experience of France might hold for Scotland and we can unify the radicals.

Progressives with a banker blindspot

Isobel Lindsay suggests that the SNP in Government has faced mainly left but with a right track