Heroin-economic detox

A small country with politicians mesmerised by dodgy financiers? Birgitta Jónsdóttir’s explanation of events in Iceland should be read closely by Scots

A coalition of losers

Tiny Kox argues that a fear of moving away from the neoliberal consensus left the Netherlands with a government that doesn’t reflect the views of the Dutch

Reinventing a faulty wheel

In an extensive piece of research, Margaret and Jim Cuthbert discover not only that many of the criticisms of PFI have turned out to be correct but that the mistakes are being repeated by the current Scottish Government

Universality needs diversity

Tom Nairn argues that the political return of the Scottish nation is a perfectly comprehensible expression of trends embracing the whole globe

Not ready to forget

Daniel Gray examines the significance of the popular response to the publication of his well-received study of Scots volunteers in the Spanish Civil War

Remember our economic rights

UN Human Rights Treaties can be used to establish public expenditure priorities, argues Carole Ewart

Chasing the economy

Jim Phillips shows how demands for control of the Scottish economy drove the devolution campaign. What now?

Not falling for it this time

It’s time to shake off forty years of establishment manipulation says Andy Anderson

Root of this evil

Neil Davidson argues that it’s not money that got us into this mess - it was the myths we bought with it

Work isn’t working

Isobel Lindsay looks at how ‘work’ is now as much a part of the neoliberal ideology of control as it is about producing things