Realising the economic potential of the 99%

Mike Danson provides an in-depth analysis of the Scottish economy.

Financial masters V governments

Joshua Banerjee says governments need to reassert their control over transnational financial markets.

‘I, Daniel Blake’ is care in the community

Keith Stoddart explains how to put on a show.

Automation: friend or foe?

Sarah Collins looks at the implications of new technology for work.

Solidarity with the Kurds

Stephen Smellie reports on the background to intimidation of Kurds in Scotland.

Criticising Israel and fighting antisemitism

Henry Maitles is a Jewish anti-racist and Professor of Education at the University of the West of Scotland.

Gramsci and Scotland revisited

Ray Burnett reprises his role as a cheerleader for Antonio Gramsci in Scotland.

Let’s make no mistake on Trump

Paul Malgrati continues our critical examination of the Trump phenomenon.

Brexit and bills of rights

Grahame Smith lays out the ramifications of a hard Brexit.

Challenging the cuts consensus

Mike Kirby lays out what the problems are, and how they should be tackled.