What is social democracy?

Defining a social democratic party, its ideology, purpose and processes.

What is neo-liberalism?

Defining neo-liberalism.

Naively neo-liberal

Jim Cuthbert says all is not quite lost despite the addiction to neo-liberalism.

The Editorial

SLR says workers’ solidarity of interest & action across borders fits the Scottish perspective. Let's define borders.

Brexit blues and polling problems

The Editor reflects on the challenges facing Unions in Scotland. Unsurprisingly, there are differences and similarities.

2018: here we go!

Richard Leonard's election as Scottish Labour leader benefits the left in the age of the hegemony of austerity and neo-liberalism.

Feedback: Immigration controls

Let's examine the political reason that is making immigration so important.


Vladimir McTavish on UK Ministerial resignations, driverless cars and Theresa May's survival.

Beginnings of a new dawn?

The election of Richard Leonard as Leader of the Scottish Labour Party benefits the whole of the left.

The Editor – no silly season

Jeremy Corbyn is touring Labour marginals (90-100 ) highlighting the weakness of the Tories & proving he is a gr8 speaker.