Brexit blues and polling problems

The Editor reflects on the challenges facing Unions in Scotland. Unsurprisingly, there are differences and similarities.

2018: here we go!

Richard Leonard's election as Scottish Labour leader benefits the left in the age of the hegemony of austerity and neo-liberalism.

Feedback: Immigration controls

Let's examine the political reason that is making immigration so important.


Vladimir McTavish on UK Ministerial resignations, driverless cars and Theresa May's survival.

Beginnings of a new dawn?

The election of Richard Leonard as Leader of the Scottish Labour Party benefits the whole of the left.

The Editor – no silly season

Jeremy Corbyn is touring Labour marginals (90-100 ) highlighting the weakness of the Tories & proving he is a gr8 speaker.

More than no monarchy

Graham Smith sketches out what a modern republic would look like.

Making Britain non-nuclear

Arthur West surveys the possibilities after the signing of a new treaty.

Orange and green plus red, white & blue

Brian Campfield examines the underlying forces of Northern Ireland’s political impasse.

Making sense of ‘October’

Ian Gasse highlights a weekend of film in Dumfries reconsidering the October Revolution of 1917.