Constituting Scotland

We reprint in full and unchanged from issue number two (Dec 2000), Tom Nairn debating Scotland's future.

Vladimir McTavish’s A KICK UP THE TABLOIDS

Vladimir McTavish on the three-day rollercoaster of emotions for millions of left-leaning Scots.

Editorial: action stations for 8 June

May calling a snap election is driven by her sense of opposition weakness, firing the equivalent of a volley from heavy field guns against Corbyn and Labour in particular.


Vladimir McTavish reflects on the General Election, Independence, Press and Media Coverage and Tory Rule.

Class wars either side of pond

There is a class war going on, which means a huge fall in our wages.

Vladimir McTavish’s KICK UP THE TABLOIDS

Trump in the White House is increasingly looking like some bone-headed drunk heckler at a comedy gig, and other thoughts penned from Adelaide.

Red stars and dead Russians

The Editor, Gregor Gall, reflects on the October revolution in Russia which would spark revolutions around Europe, mostly obviously in Italy (1919-1920) and Germany (1918-1923).

Poets’ progressive page

Following the Jimmy Reid annual lecture by Jeremy Corbyn MP in October last year, we publish two poems about Jimmy Reid.


Vladimir McTavish can never remember a year where he felt less optimistic about the future!

Back to future & forward to past

The Editor sets out why Jeremy Corbyn is the Labour leader that many on the left have been wanting - and waiting for.