Vladimir McTavish’s KICK UP THE TABLOIDS

The fifth Scottish parliamentary election of the post-devolution era has resulted in much nonsense being written.

Waiting 4 great leap forward

All the parties have manifestos to win seats at Holyrood.

From MA to BA

Graeme Arnott argues the middle class is now after what used to be working class in its search for employment opportunities

Argument built on sand

Derek Torrie says not renewing Trident will indeed cost thousands of jobs

2016 – same old struggle

The campaigns and manifestos of progressive parties must focus upon more than just stopping things getting worse.

Reaction to Sturgeon’s speech

Comment on Nicola Sturgeon's lecture on ‘Workers’ rights are human rights’

Vladimir McTavish’s A KICK UP THE TABLOIDS

Nostalgia, irony and why people in Edinburgh were heard to complain that they could not get to Dundee!


Ninety, not out


Corbyn's win means the SNP no longer can argue it needs to dominate in Holyrood to protect Scotland from the Tories.

Remembering Jimmy Reid and his Legacy

Shop Stewards never called for supporting strike action but asked for solidarity and financial support, which came globally.