Comment – new year but not new times

The Editor, Gregor Gall, on tactics to prevent another annus horribilis for most of the populace

Kick Up The Tabloids

Vladimir McTavish on Jim Murphy, Ally McCoist and Boris Johnston


Comment from the Editor about the continuing state of political flux.

A Poem

To Lord Smith of Kelvin from Thom Cross


Letters and Responses


You would barely think there is an EU election barely two months away for all the profile it has. But ignoring Europe is a mistake.


Why we produced this special issue


Grangemouth, the shipyard job losses, continuing austerity; in these dark days for Scottish society, we need answers and not just soundbites


Is utopia of any use in the modern world?


How can we make Common Weal the source of real hope for the future of Scottish politics and Scottish society?