Those responsible for the failures continue to leave footprints all over the Scottish political agenda which are entirely out of proportion to the minority position they hold


A few weeks on, is the left viewing the Scottish Election result as more of a threat or more of an opportunity?

Comment: Issue 64

Just days after a watershed election many observers are struggling to understand what happened. Perhaps they need to learn about Scottish politics. Well, that certainly caught the attention... Nobody who watches UK politics is in any doubt that something just happened. But what?

Comment: Issue 63

One way or another, this feels like a period of change. Perhaps big change. There are perceptible shifts all over the place. The sort of rhetoric about the abuse of power of big business that would have been dismissed as fringe ‘class war’ a couple of years ago is now the language of the Daily Mail (at least intermittently).

Comment: Issue 62

In recent years we have seen the British State at work abroad and we think we are familiar with how it operates when it establishes itself in foreign lands (although few of us can really appreciate what the horror of this work looks like abroad).

Comment: Making change happen

In the last issue of Scottish Left Review we published a programme of action for starting the transformation of Scotland into a more equitable, more sustainable and more rewarding place to live. The proposals were realistic and in many cases new – and yet predictably the mainstream media ignored it and the UK continues to...


Whatever way you look at it, 2010 has been a bad year for the left. Firstly there was more than enough evidence by the end of last year that not only had the bad guys gotten away with ruining the global economy, they had quickly converted their own crimes into an indictment against those who are blameless.


Where to begin? This issue of the Scottish Left Review goes to print in a Britain which has no government - the people have indeed spoken. Unfortunately, this state of affairs is unlikely to last.


With more than ten years of the Scottish Left Review under our belts the Scottish Left Review has been around for long enough to have seen a good many elections – General, Scottish Parliament, European, local. The Scottish Left Review does not and will never advocate voting for any specific party, or indeed against voting...


In her email sending us her article on the state of politics in Iceland, Birgitta Jónsdóttir signs off ‘love and rage’. This is a greeting from a country which took to the streets banging pots and pans to demand that the neoliberal government which had crashed the country while enriching its bankers was removed. It is a...