Energy consultations and election concerns

Gordon Morgan surveys the possibilities in the current energy consultations.

Update from the Jimmy Reid Foundation

News, events, publications and donations please!

Tam Dalyell – an appreciation

Neil Findlay recalls a friend and mentor.

What does revolution look like?

William Bonnar examines what happened in revolutionary Russia.

How the revolution unfolded

Dave Sherry looks at the achievements of the new order.

Did Neo-liberalism triumph?

Pat Kelly looks at the impact of the implosion of Soviet socialism.

Red October and Scotland

John Foster recounts the roots of Red Clydeside and the influence of the October revolution.

Gorki in Glasgow

Stephen Collins looks at how Russian social realism was adapted for Scotland

‘I, Daniel Blake’ – Ken Loach interview

The director explains the rationale behind the film

Better way for Scotland and Britain

Jeremy Corbyn lays out his wares