The economy: if it is broken, fix it

Grahame Smith lambasts the continuation of a broken economic model.


VLADIMIR McTAVISH writes from Largs on Trump, the antics of British politicians and changing the law in Australia.

Beating a path to Bute House

Richard Leonard was elected leader of Scottish Labour in November 2017. We interviewed him in late December.

License to profit and plunder

Campbell Martin exposes the corruption in North Ayrshire over a PPP deal.

Scottish Futures Trust is no magic panacea

Jim and Margaret Cuthbert show the Scottish Futures Trust creates more problems than it solves.

Chris Bartter, an appreciation

Chris’ untimely death robs us of a good man, a great socialist and internationalist and a dear friend.

Pay, people and power

Mark Serwotka gave the fifth Jimmy Reid annual lecture on 5 October 2017 in Glasgow. It was entitled ‘Pay, people and power: the progressive case for public services’. Here, we print part of the lecture on the fight for decent public sector pay.


Vladimir McTavish on the Celebrity Great British Bake-Off, Holyrood and the Scottish football team.

Vladimir McTavish’s A KICK UP THE TABLOIDS

September in politics usually marks the official end of the ‘silly season’ but that seems to have changed in 2017.

An American from the German Democratic Republic

– dialogue with Victor Grossman, commentator on German and European politics and occasional writer in Scottish Left Review.