Gorki in Glasgow

Stephen Collins looks at how Russian social realism was adapted for Scotland

‘I, Daniel Blake’ – Ken Loach interview

The director explains the rationale behind the film

Better way for Scotland and Britain

Jeremy Corbyn lays out his wares

Why I want to be leader

Owen Smith sets out his pitch in response to our questions

Designed to be depute?

Tommy Sheppard explains why should be elected SNP depute leader

Dying to be depute?

Chris McEleny explains why should be elected SNP depute leader

Loki the loquacious

SLR interviews Darren McGarvey (aka MC Loki) who has emerged a sharp and incisive young commentator.


Writing from Australia, Vladimir McTavish thinks we are facing a turbulent spring in Scotland and Britain.

Poets’ page

We’ve carried some poems before and readers sent us this crop so we are glad to print them

Editorial – Change the World

Matthew Crighton and Eurig Scandrett provide the guest editorial for this edition’s themed articles