Scotland at a train station of choice

Chris Stephens argues Labour’s train wreck was a long time coming but out of it can come hope

Producing a Progressive Alliance

The SNP can be a central force in forming an anti-Tory alliance

Stopping the fallen idol falling further

Only returning to its past can Labour reclaim the future

Support our working class majority

The left must be the SNP’s sternest critic

Opinion Polls Again!

It's likely voters turned away from Labour precisely because Ed was so vociferous in ruling out a deal with the SNP.

Vote left – vote Labour

Kenny Selbie argues Labour can make the difference that is needed

Ending Tweedledee and Tweedledum

Tommy Sheppard calls for strategic socialist support for the SNP

Adding red to the green

Patrick Harvie MSP shows Green policies tackle much more than environmental degradation

Aiming 2 B Scotland’s socialist party

Sandra Webster writes of a rejuvenated SSP planning to put socialism back on the agenda

Laying down a socialist challenge

Brian Smith argues only total opposition to austerity and neo-liberalism will do