Ending Tweedledee and Tweedledum

Tommy Sheppard calls for strategic socialist support for the SNP

Adding red to the green

Patrick Harvie MSP shows Green policies tackle much more than environmental degradation

Aiming 2 B Scotland’s socialist party

Sandra Webster writes of a rejuvenated SSP planning to put socialism back on the agenda

Laying down a socialist challenge

Brian Smith argues only total opposition to austerity and neo-liberalism will do

Keeping the NHS Fit for Purpose

Shona Robison, Cabinet Secretary for Health, Wellbeing and Sport reflects on the past, present and future of our NHS

Social care is key to freeing up our NHS

Neil Findlay MSP argues that well paid and resourced social care is vital

Smith Commission Report Fatally Flawed

Jim and Margaret Cuthbert analyse the Smith Commission report and its inadequate attention to feasibility

Raising the socialist standard

Neil Findlay on his socialist challenge to lead Scottish Labour. Katy Clark explains her decision to stand for deputy leader.

Submission to the Smith Commission

The STUC has made a wide-ranging submission which does not advocate full ‘devo-max’


Vladimir reflects on new leaders for Scottish Labour and the SNP plus gains for Hamilton Accies