Issue 73: Red Paper Collective

The Red Paper Collective half: Elaine Smith, Stephen Smellie, Dave Watson, Vince Mills, Alan Mackinnon, Jackson Cullinane, Richard Leonard, Pauline Bryan

Issue 73: Radical Independence Conference

The Radical Independence Conference half: Suki Sangha, Tommy Sheppard, Peter McColl, Allan Grogan, Jeane Freeman, John Duffy, Alan Bissett

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Web facts about NATO

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JOHANN LAMONT CAGE FIGHT HORROR So cabinets are re-shuffled on both sides of the border and the Scottish Government announces it is to proceed with the legislation for the Referendum.  Is the phoney war finally over ? The “Yes” campaign, of course, launched earlier this year, with movie star supporters and showbiz...

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There’s nothing more annoying than being lectured by members of the British ruling class

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Minimum Price for Hand Sanitiser Loophole Freakout So, the battle lines are drawn, we’ve heard both sets of argument. It’s now time for the Referendum. In about another two years’ time. The ‘Yes’ campaign, imaginatively titled Yes Scotland, launched a few weeks ago with movie star supporters and showbiz razzamatazz....

Vladimir McTavish’s KICK UP THE TABLOIDS

Head of State Special - with exclusive results of our opinion poll...

The Constitution Page: defence

In every SLR between now and the referendum we’ll pick a policy issue and ask four writers from across the spectrum of constitutional opinion to argue the pros and cons of independence. In this issue we look at defence.

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