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Minimum Price for Hand Sanitiser Loophole Freakout So, the battle lines are drawn, we’ve heard both sets of argument. It’s now time for the Referendum. In about another two years’ time. The ‘Yes’ campaign, imaginatively titled Yes Scotland, launched a few weeks ago with movie star supporters and showbiz razzamatazz....

Vladimir McTavish’s KICK UP THE TABLOIDS

Head of State Special - with exclusive results of our opinion poll...

The Constitution Page: defence

In every SLR between now and the referendum we’ll pick a policy issue and ask four writers from across the spectrum of constitutional opinion to argue the pros and cons of independence. In this issue we look at defence.

Kick Up the Tabloids



From the next issue of Scottish Left Review we will introduce a regular feature page looking at the constitutional debate. Until then, the following are a couple of selected responses to the last issue.


Tom Leonard: Selected Poems

Web Review

The European left and the crisis in Europe

Kick Up The Tabloids


Campbell Christie: 1937 – 2011

A tribute to the late Campbell Christie


A Rose Loupt Oot - Poetry and Song Celebrating the UCS Work-in and Downfall: the Tommy Sheridan Story