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What ever happened to workers’ control?

Kick Up The Tabloids


I65 Web Review

Web Review for July/August 2011

Transparent, but not Invisible

The ‘selectorate’ – the great-and-good appointed to oversee public functions on our behalf – needs reform. Paul Coleshill puts forward some suggestions to improve transparency.

Oor Destroyed Hoosis

An illustrated essay by Sarah Glynn originally for the Derby Street Multis Residents’ Association to help people learn what has happened to ‘oor hoosis’ and to similar houses almost everywhere.

Kick Up The Tabloids

Global events during the run-up to polling day, made for less press coverage of the Scottish Election. However, you have to hand it to Barrack Obama. As an opening gambit in a re-election campaign, taking out bin Laden certainly trumps Alex Salmond’s pledge to freeze council tax.

All is not lost

Kevin Williamson observes the wreckage of the SSP/Solidarity project and argues that while it may be an unedifying sight, it does not mean there is no hope for the Scottish left.

Anatomy of Division

Gordon Morgan attempts to take a non-sectarian and dispassionate look at the various attempts – and failures – to find a way to avoid left parties standing against each other and asks what next?

Influence Now, Unite Later

Robin McAlpine argues that now is not the time for the left to put all its efforts into the long-term process of unification when there is an immediate need to professionalise and start making its presence felt properly.