Review – Currency in independent Scotland

Andy Anderson, Anderson Publications, pp146 pages, 0992828422

Review – Nation-states

Neil Davidson, Haymarket Books, Chicago, £16.99 9781608465682

Book Review

Corbyn: Against All Odds by Richard Seymour, Verso, free e-book, 9781786632357

Opening the door for capitalism

Gordon Morgan reviews "Unleashing Usury" by Richard Westra

Book Reviews

'Objectors & Resistors:Opposition to Conscription & War in Scotland 1914-18' & 'Is there a Scottish Road to Socialism?'

Owen Dudley Edwards: Book Review

Reviewed by Finlay Smith

Will Thorne: My life’s battles

Reviewed by Gregor Gall

Keir Hardie

To mark the centenary of his death (26/9/1915), we publish two specially commissioned book reviews.

Book Review: Anent Hamish Henderson

Anent Hamish Henderson: essays, poems, interviews, Eberhart Bort (ed.), Grace-note Publications

Book Review: Future History

Stuart McHardy's Scotland's Future History, Luath, 9781910021415, £7.99