Book Review

Corbyn: Against All Odds by Richard Seymour, Verso, free e-book, 9781786632357

Opening the door for capitalism

Gordon Morgan reviews "Unleashing Usury" by Richard Westra

Book Reviews

'Objectors & Resistors:Opposition to Conscription & War in Scotland 1914-18' & 'Is there a Scottish Road to Socialism?'

Owen Dudley Edwards: Book Review

Reviewed by Finlay Smith

Will Thorne: My life’s battles

Reviewed by Gregor Gall

Keir Hardie

To mark the centenary of his death (26/9/1915), we publish two specially commissioned book reviews.

Book Review: Anent Hamish Henderson

Anent Hamish Henderson: essays, poems, interviews, Eberhart Bort (ed.), Grace-note Publications

Book Review: Future History

Stuart McHardy's Scotland's Future History, Luath, 9781910021415, £7.99


This is a story of secrets, spying, collusions and ruined lives which questions the very nature of our democracy.

Books For You?

Reviews of Wee White Blossom, Dave Does the Right Thing and From #Indy Ref to Eternity