Book Reviews

Three books are reviewed on Militarisation, Democracy plus Empire and Revolution

Restless Land

Alex Miller reviews 'A Radical Journey Through Scotland’s History' by Alan McCombes and Roz Paterson

The Liberty Tree

Stewart Maclennan reviews 'The stirring story of Thomas Muir and Scotland's first fight for democracy' by Murray Armstrong

Book Reviews

Henry McCubbin reviews three offerings from Luath Press

Yes: The Radical Case for Scottish Independence

James Foley and Pete Ramand, Pluto Press

Scotland the Brave?

Gregor Gal, Scottish Left Review Press


Scotland’s Road to Socialism


Posthuman International Relations, Cudworth, Erika & Hobden, Stephen


So Much Wind – The Myth of Green Energy and Empire, Industry and Class: the Imperial Nexus of Jute 1840-1940


Reviews of GMB@Work - the story behind the union and Arguing for Independence: Evidence, Risks and the Wicked Issues