So Much Wind – The Myth of Green Energy and Empire, Industry and Class: the Imperial Nexus of Jute 1840-1940


Reviews of GMB@Work - the story behind the union and Arguing for Independence: Evidence, Risks and the Wicked Issues


Farewell to Growth, Serge Latouche


Review of Jürgen Habermas, The Crisis of the European Union: A Response


Reviews of Class Struggle - film from the Clyde and Tommy Sheridan: From Hero to Zero? A Political Biography


Reviews of Counter Power: Making Change Happen and New Parties of the Left - Experiences from Europe

Reviews 64

'The Globalization of Addiction, A Study in Poverty of the Spirit' and 'River of Fire: The Clydebank Blitz'.

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I think that there was a context in this election where you had two parties, Labour and the SNP, fighting essentially against the Tory Government in London...

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So much of our music, art and literature, though magnificent, is miniature. The wonderful wee works of a wonderful wee country. Not in this case: here is a seminal work of almost American amplitude and range. If it is not quite the great Scottish novel, at least it wants to be, is, valiantly and undeludedly, a contender.

Web Review 63

One thing is for sure with regards to electoral systems – no one has yet discovered a perfect mathematical solution capable of satisfying all of the factions presenting themselves at elections. I got involved in the early nineties in preparing a response to Raymond Plant’s report on behalf of the Labour Party on electoral...