Workers need a voice but Taylor isn’t it

Sarah Glenister lays out an agenda for progressive reform.

Partners for progressive change?

Chris McEleny argues the local elections can result in political progress.

Simple as ABC: austerity budget cuts

Joe Cullinane argues councils can no longer manage the cuts – they must fight them.

Tam Dalyell – an appreciation

Neil Findlay recalls a friend and mentor.

A right danger!

Carole Ewart on the challenges and tasks ahead in defending human rights.

Economics for the 99%

John McDonnell explains his economic roadshows.

Remembering what the NHS is for

Graham Watt explains why all is not well for general practice in the NHS.

Holyrood or Hollywood?

Patrick Phillips recounts his surreal visit to our elected national chamber.

Trump – populist, racist, sexist but not…

Gerry Friedman on where Trump’s populism comes from.

A Declaration to Balfour 100 years on

Eurig Scandrett composes a poem about the Balfour Declaration.

Book Review

Our Revolution by Bernie Sanders, Profile Books, reviewed by Colin Darroch