We need to change the tune

Caroline Sewell says the hope for the future is being endangered by actions in the present.

Unpaid work: ending the sins of no wages

Stewart McDonald makes the case for his parliamentary bill.

Dementia in the workplace

Louise Ritchie and Mike Danson suggest a number of helpful steps to combat the challenges.

Class interest and the ‘attainment gap’

Chris Holligan says neo-liberalism gives rise to the class differences and the ways governments respond.

Brexit and Scotland’s workers

Sarah Collins lays out a post-Brexit policy agenda.

Busting Lexit myths?

John Foster reviews the new pamphlet by Open Britain.

Spain v Catalonia: no final score yet

Colin Fox considers the continuing Catalonian crisis.

Film Review

Jackie Bergson reviews 'Human Flow' documentary (2017), directed by Ai Weiwei, written by Chin-Chin Yap & Tim Finch.

Book Review

Carole Ewart reviews 'Scotland, the UK and Brexit - A Guide to the Future' Edited by Gerry Hassan and Russell Gunson.

Book Review

Bob Thomson reviews 'Jimmy Reid – a Scottish political journey' by Kenny MacAskill.


VLADIMIR McTAVISH writes from Largs on Trump, the antics of British politicians and changing the law in Australia.

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