National self-determination

Neil Davidson explores the basis on which socialists should approach the issue of national self-determination.

British working class 4 Scot independence

Fraser Coats looks back to 2014 to see where we should be heading in 2018.

Carillion collapse & taming corporations

Prem Sikka shows how the rules are rigged for the rich.

Gun control – where east meets west?

Victor Grossman recounts how gun control was a state affair in East Germany.

fILM rEVIEW – Nae Pasaran (2018)

Jackie Bergson on the film about Scottish workers who refused to carry out maintenance on planes of the Chilean air force.

Book Review

Susan Clark on a a study of the causal link between capitalism & high levels of mental illness and distress in society today.

Book Review

Finlay Smith reviews a book recounting Neil Findlay’s path through Scottish politics between 2014 and 2016.

Book Review

Sean Sheehan on 'Marx’s Inferno' which is an interpretation of Volume One of Marx’s 'Capital'.

Book Review

Donald McCormick on a 'crackin' book which provides a timeline for Scottish history in the wider world.


Vladimir McTavish ponders whether he is living in this country illegally.

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