Grenfell & housing: profit before people

Dave Sherry says neo-liberalism is at the root of the housing safety disaster.

Firefighters demand justice over Grenfell

Denise Christie shows that the Grenfell disaster is part of a wider systemic failure.

Is strike action over?

Stephen Smellie argues unions have to be smart in the new circumstances.

Making sense of ‘October’

Ian Gasse highlights a weekend of film in Dumfries reconsidering the October Revolution of 1917.

Book Review

Stewart Maclennan reviews 'Russia 1917: Workers' Revolution and the Festival of the Oppressed, 2017'.

Book Review

Jackie Bergson reviews 'Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk, An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power', 2016.

Book Review

Gordon Morgan reviews 'Tackling Timorous Economics – How Scotland’s Economy Could Work Better for Us All'.

Book Review

Tommy Sheppard reviews 'What post-Brexit Scotland can learn from the Nordics'.

Book Review

Colin Darroch reviews 'No is Not Enough: defeating the new shock politics'.

Book Review

Sean Sheehan reviews 'Empire Games'.

Vladimir McTavish’s A KICK UP THE TABLOIDS

September in politics usually marks the official end of the ‘silly season’ but that seems to have changed in 2017.